Researching surnames: Ewing, Fuller, Price, Porter, Tickle, Bradley, Anderson, Hager, Short, Cress, Parks, Akers, Farley, Cook, Winskell, Sublett, Soblet, and Jordan.

First, I would like to say that I am new to genealogy and I plunged right in, addicted and making every mistake imaginable. After downloading the demo of Family Origins, I went straight to and started typing surnames in the search windows. I was amazed when one of the names I searched had parent after parent after parent listed. I followed one line all the way to 1555 and I didn't even need to write to a single courthouse, order a roll of microfilm, pay for a census cd or visit an old cemetery. What could be easier? All the work was done, all I needed to do was type the information into my new program and print out cute little family trees. The more I researched, the more I kept running into words like, "verify" and "sources". Hopefully I am slowing down a bit and figuring out what I am trying to accomplish by researching my family tree. After seeing the tree stretch out so long, I realized that it does not mean anything to me without the proof that what I was seeing was real.

My goals have changed and I'm looking at this new addiction from a different angle. I'm almost positive that my database has errors in it. From the conflicting information that I run across daily, I can't assume otherwise. This site is a work in progress, being added to almost daily. Please bookmark this page and visit often. I would love to make contact with anyone that finds a family member on this site. Please send your comments and questions to

Some of the surnames in my family are Fuller, Price, Porter, Anderson, Tickle, Bradley, Short, Cress, and Ewing. Some lines have been traced back to 1555 in France and the 1600's in Scotland and Ireland. If you see any name that you would like to know more about, please email me. In many cases, I have more information than what is here.

My parents grew up in Fairfax County, Va. for the most part and know many stories and names from their childhood. If anyone is interested in the 1950's through the 1980's in Fairfax County, Va. please email me and I will try to help. They lived right outside of Woodbridge and some of the general stores that they remember are the D&D Market and the Hitching Post. My grandfather, Earl Price loved the CB and most of the family actually had handles. Our house was completely round and you would frequently hear "How about that Round House" being called to get anyone from our family to answer.

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